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The graphics journal of friend_of_frodo and arsenal_fan
This is the graphics journal of selvatica and arsenal_fan
You cannot be a member of this community but if you like our work you could add it to your friends page and watch it.

If you wish to take one of our Colour Bars or Icons please comment in the entry where it appears and credit correctly.
Thank You!

For list of all bars click image below:

For list of bars created by arsenal_fan click image below:
arsenal_fan's colourbars

For list of bars created by selvatica click image below:
friend_of_frodo's colourbars

To join the Colour Bar Community, colourbarmagic, that we moderate, click image below:

To visit the Colour Bars of our friend wolfpurplemoon, click the image below:
wolfpurplemoon's colour bars